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Anonymous: Saying Kuvira isn't comparable to Hitler is essentially saying that you know nothing of history. Kuvira is doing many of the same things, and if you didn't catch - she's putting dissenters into prison camps. Don't forget, Stalin and Hirohito killed more innocents than Hitler even came close to. 


I know nothing of history?  Hitler came to power via an electoral plurality and a CIVILIAN militia motivated by an extreme racialized ideology - not a military coup.  He took advantage of hard times to scapegoat others and be lifted up by (enough of) the people - he did not impose order on chaos first to establish his rule.  He was actually at odds with the Prussian old guard of the military.  As a general trusted to keep the peace who seized power, the 20th Century dictator Kuvira’s rise is closest to would probably be Franco or Pinochet.

Putting dissenters in prison camps is hardly distinct to Hitler.  That pretty much universal for dictators.  Comparing her to Hitler is intellectually lazy - it’s using his name as a buzzword.  How systemically RACIALIZED Nazi ideology was as its central principle is what makes it distinct.   Ideologically she’s clearly drawing first and foremost on Chinese Nationalist Fascism, complete with the overthrow of monarchist rule (something Hitler did not do in Germany or Austria).

I didn’t say Stalin or Hirohito would be better comparison’s either.  An even nominal Marxist who seized power through paranoid backstabbing is right out, and Hirohito was a hereditary ruler.



I’m so behind on Saga right now, I need to change my layout. I feel like a fraud.


I just realized I’ve never posted a pic of my self, so here’s a shit ton of low quality laptop selfies, featuring two different haircuts how exciting. 


I made a facebook post about how fucked the live action Ghost in the Shell casting is and my uncle said that “anime characters look more white anyway” FEELING ILL  I LITERALLY NEED TO GO TAKE A NAP NOW 


my sexual orientation is ‘use context clues’





Gamer gate has been trying to use Bayonetta as a rallying point, and criticism of it as proof of a “feminist agenda” in reviews

They’ve been trying to get Hideki Kamiya, creator of Bayonetta, to support them

Well, he tweeted this today.





the salt is so fucking real


this needs the highlight of him being pestered by these kids


There is something magical about a creator not only rejecting the ignorance within their industry, but actively mocking it. *slow clap*



Emotional reunion? Nah





Saw Janet Varney and Dante Basco at Comic and Media Expo!! Absolutely loved every minute of their panel!

We look like a tv show couple… The new Lucy & Desi.

^would watch the shit out of this

showknight: Halfway through the podcast and I'm basically nodding my head to everything you're saying. I'm disappointed w/ Bryke bc there shouldn't be an excuse for how they're portraying mental illness no matter how vague. There are soo many resources out there for them to draw from to portray this in a respectful and helpful way. Especially when this is a "kids show" 




Yeah.. you’d think they could easily figure out what a respectful portrayal would entail. The poision can be explained by them wanting a visual narrative device, but Toph’s behavior… unless the show later comments on how insensitive she is, ugh.

I totally understand the fandom’s reaction to Toph’s attitude, but I have a different takeaway from it that I hope everyone will consider.

I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and manic depression, which I take medication for. No shame :-).

There is absolutely a level of personal responsibility/ownership that is essential for recovery/survival with mental illness. Whether that means making sure you stay on top of your meds, or seeking resources when you anticipate a big drop. Just as telling someone to ‘get over it’ isn’t a solution to depression, telling them ‘it’ll be alright’ is just as ineffectual and frustrating.  

Now I acknowledge that Korra appears to be dealing with PTSD type issues, which I have little experience with. However all of my, admitably  amateur, research has indicated that depression and anxiety are components of PTSD, so I don’t think I’m straying too far out of my lane. 

Toph’s behavior towards Korra’s trauma was problematic and insensitive, no doubt.

(I attribute this to Toph herself having personal baggage that needs to be dealt with, but I’ve already voiced my thoughts on that and it isn’t super relevant to this discussion.)

Despite all of this, there is 100% a kernel of value to be found in Toph’s ‘lessons’, arguably more so than anything anyone else has said to Korra. As much I as reacted adversely to Toph’s harshness, I recall being far more frustrated with Tenzin telling Korra to ‘not worry’ over and over again.

Korra does need to do this herself. She is holding herself back. That is what mental illness does, it sabotages your best intentions/desires within your mind, until you’re too terrified of life to get out of bed in the morning.

When your dealing with stuff like that in your head, comfort and bedside manner can feel like the greatest lie in the world. I too have wanted to ‘watersmack’ someone in the face when they’ve told me to ‘be patient’ because ‘it’ll be alright’.

Bleh, this discussion depends a lot on whatever happens next ep, but hey.

As Varrick would say, food for thought.

Yeah it does a lot depend on next epi, and I get what you’re saying. I still just really don’t like this approach, especially from someone who doesn’t really know you or understand your situation. And it should be noted Korra doesn’t have meds, or a support system, or anything, so what could she even do on her own? I think she’d really need support from Toph now rather than what she got.

Oh yeah it that is definitely worth thinking about!

We really don’t know the kinds of attitudes/resources available for mentally ill individuals on the Avatar universe. It’s a can of worms that goes all the way back to Azula’s characterization tbh.

Regardless of episode direction and dissecting opinions, I’m actually really happy LOK is causing young people to have discussions about mental health and it’s representation in the media. This was not something I anticipated. 


all my tumblr peeps make character mixes, I want to try :-/